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The Magical EDM Moment Of Hollywood’s KALM KAOZ


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Hollywood’s talk-of-the-town Electro duo KALM KAOZ recently took on a major challenge when they decided to compete in INSOMNIAC’S DISCOVERY PROJECT – This initiative vows to discover new DJ talent to feature at Insomniac’s major festivals. Impressively, Kalm Kaoz only had 7 days to remix James Egbert’s dubstep driven “BACK TO NEW” and lay down an attention-grabbing 30 minute set. In its first few days of release, their remix received over 30,000 YouTube views and ranked #1 since its release date on Soundcloud. Insomniac Events will make its decision about its latest Discovery Project selection on March 8th.


Music has always been a way of life for both SlingR and Filby, the two masterminds behind KALM KAOZ. Perhaps a surprise to his former peers on Wall Street and the EDM industry, SlingR spent his adult career as an investment banker, most recently as a Managing Director of Beverly Hills- based Platinum Equity, a multi-billion take-over fund. Three years ago SlingR walked away from his high profile banking career, feeling he was stuck in the wrong world; the wrong life.

As SlingR says: I played the Wall Street game for years while writing music and learning DAWs as a respite, but music, sweet music; it’s always been pulling at me, singing to me, whispering to me, ‘go back to your true love, go back to your song, go back to creating art, music, and love.”

Disillusioned with the Wall Street money chase, SlingR met Filby, a seasoned music producer and DJ originally from Victoria, Canada. Filby moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago, building a successful career in music production, both selling tracks to major pop and hip hop acts, as well as producing myriads of DJ Motoe Haus content.

When the opportunity of Insomniac’s Discovery Project arose, Kalm Kaoz acted swiftly and transformed James Egbert’s Back To New into an electro dance anthem featuring fat reverberating synths and a killer 70s style grinder-electro section.

DJ PromotionSlingR: “We love the vocal – we too want to say thank you; to James Egbert and Insomniac; big respect, to all those supporting us, the epic producers and DJs whoinspire us, our fans and the universe for providing Kalm Kaoz the opportunity to share our vision. Filby added:Our fans are the coolest cats in town. We want them to feel thanked, that we are grateful to them, grateful to give back our art and induce joy; a therapeutic moment when house music sets us free; free from judgment, and free from absurd social constructs. Our tracks and sets will always seek that magical festival moment, when that festival-magic drops like a bunker buster; boom. Dancing for hours straight, all of life’s problems consumed by the beats.”

Kalm Kaoz began taking form when Filby stopped in at SlingR’s studio, heard his productions and DJ’ing, saw his Ableton work and techniques and it was instant. “Look brotha, you’re smoking. I’m blown away. I hear you never leave the house anymore and only produce and DJ alone all week, every day.” It was apparently 4am and Filby set up his gear and said: Let’s try and spin together with no sync or connection. We won’t be able to hear each other’s tracks through headphones.” SlingR: Yeah, it was one of the moments, Filby double-dog-dared me to throw down.” That night they spun together for 9 straight hours – an intense trance/electro jam session they wish they had recorded.

Dance Music MagazineKalm Kaoz also founded the new EDM record label MASSIVE DECKS RECORDINGS for which they actively seek L.A.-based producer/DJ talent. The label is well funded and believes the L.A. EDM scene has robust talent, but few vehicles through which to be recognized.

We are both obsessed with music, it’s in our DNA. We are creating something new and a brand that stands for freedom and celebrating life,” says Filby with a cheeky grin. SlingR adds, Leaving a multibillion dollar fund as a partner to go broaden my musical pallet was perfectly crazy to the muggles and an emotionally powerful moment for me. There are always hurdles – we must struggle at times in life and prosper at others. It’s the human condition, but they’re just bad patches and if you bring love into the equation and a spiritual understanding of acceptance, hurdles are just speed bumps. We have great belief in our message, sound and reverence. We are here to help people celebrate and illustrate that hurdles are illusions. Love and hard work is the secret sauce.”

Keep an eye on for the storm. Kalm Kaoz is bringing a Category 5 level hurricane to a city near you.


For more information about Kalm Kaoz, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com

To book Kalm Kaoz, please contact Jennifer Lai of Massive Decks Recordings | (323) 546-8668 | info@massivedecks.com