Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Take A Ride With African – Australian Artist CHĀNJE With New Single Passenger


Listen to Passenger on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6T88CkQN3aha3WZy7e2nac?si=HHUx79X4RSeCWVyekZfDiw

CHĀNJE is an upcoming African rapper based in Sydney, Australia who dropped a new single, “Passenger” featuring PARTYATELEVEN. CHĀNJE’s music platforms hold precious content showcasing his remarkable talent and amazing music. 

If you’re only now discovering CHĀNJE, read on to find out more about him! 

CHĀNJE is an artist unabashedly looking to skip the mold entirely and break the game instead. A Sydney-based artist is known for being one of the most formidable MCs in Sydney for over the past 10 years. Hosting alongside the biggest names in the industry, like Lil Wayne, YMCMB, Tyga, YG, The Game, Ice Cube, Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Omarion, and T-Pain. Now he has surfaced documenting his life through his own sound and style.

Immersing with this song, ‘Passenger’ has an afrobeat tune and the bars will get you lifted way up! CHĀNJE loves writing real, authentic, and genuine lyrics that cover topics related to his own life. He is very passionate about his own music that it can make an impact on someone’s life. 

Although the music industry is massive and constantly changing, CHĀNJE was never a one genre type of person and always loved the chance to hear a new song from new artists or genres. He is a very versatile musician that listeners lookout this 2021. 

CHĀNJE: ‘Passenger’ is a feel-good Afrobeats record about love and heartbreak. The inspiration for the song came from a personal romantic relationship that forced me to explore my raw emotions of anxiety, confusion, pain, and hurt. The woman I was in love with took me on a ride that had my head spinning. Despite all this, I was still madly in love with her. 

“Passenger” plays on a unique sound with a twist. I joined forces with Freaktaste (producer), on a day that I was deep in my feelings. I started to sing a melody, Freaktaste added a touch of vibes and Partyateleven took it up a notch with his feature magic than was created”. 

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