Friday, July 12, 2024

Sascha Beek About His 2nd Album on 1103 Musik Berlin.

Sascha Beek - Eclectic

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Sascha Beek released his 2nd album Eclectic on 1103 Musik Berlin. It has an impressive sound with lots of atmosphere.

This is what he had to say about his work:

Sascha Beek: My second album „eclectic“ has become a very personal album. After working on various songs for more than 2 years, the biggest challenge was to find the right songs for my album out of all the projects and to tell my personal story with all the songs. Since I have many musical influences and wanted to be free and limitless in the genre, I decided on a wide range of songs.

When I had finished the majority of the songs for the album, I was still missing some intermediate passages and produced a few new songs that completed the whole concept.


The album perfectly reflects my musical career and my diverse influences and I am very proud to be able to present such a quality and varied album.

To describe my album musically, it takes the listener on a journey – my journey. There are emotional songs that express longing and pain – the pure joy of life and of course the great love to and from the music. Due to the long time of the pandemic, there was no possibility to present this joy on stage or in the club. Nevertheless, the album brings exactly this feeling to the listener – you are standing in the middle of the crowd of thousands of peacefully celebrating people, everyone is happy, the bass is booming out of the speakers, the sun is burning down from the sky and you just let yourself drift with the beat.

My special thanks is dedicated to my wife Alena, who has supported me in my passion for music for years and is the most important instance for the release of my music. My children – as the biggest inspiration to many of my songs – your love is my biggest drive. I LOVE YOU !

Charlotte Ashdown, who immediately agreed to produce another song with me – I love your voice. Samuel Dan, who took great care and passion in the final mastering of my songs – thank you brother – you got the sound spot on. Timo Blaschke, who has been my best friend and photographer for years and always takes care of my press material. Thanks to all the labels, agencies, clubs, colleagues and friends for believing in me and my music.

This album is for all of you.