Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Reason 9.5 officially adds VST support to its summer 2017 line-up

“Hell has officially frozen over,” is what some people are saying about Propellerhead’s latest move, announcing on Friday that their next update will contain VST support.

Steve Duda even goes on record as a newly-converted Reason fan in the official vid drop from the “propellerheads” in Sweden.

Reason fans can rejoice after this announcement because all of the powerful tools today are unlocked for the Reason producer. In the past, Propellerhead Software AB (Stockholm, Sweden) prided itself on building so many features into its digital audio workspace, the average user needed no plug-in functionalities.

And who could argue? This claim isn’t all talk, either.

Anyone who has tried Reason will tell you that the default instruments and sound banks are something to behold if you like everything in one place, straight out of the box. Whether you produce EDM or Russian Folk Music, there is probably a sound for you within the default sound banks.

Now, this free update (free for Reason 9.0 owners, $129 upgrade for 8.x and below) will allow unlimited expansion into popular tools like Xfer Records Serum, iZotope’s Ozone, and for the real keen, Neutron.

By offering all these features built into the workflow that Reason has been developing really changes the game for music producers. This impressive move by the software company, founded in 1994, puts Reason as a front-runner in the world of music. With the promise of mobile tools as well, we are watching carefully for what comes next.

EDM-Mag staff cannot help but wonder if Propellerhead’s recent funding announcement had something to do with this. New VC funding goes a long way when it comes to those pesky licensing costs. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a new DAW to try, head over here for a 30-day free trial.

Owners of Reason 9.x can join the beta for 9.5 by signing up over here. Users on the ReasonTalk forum already have been using the new 9.5 and as one user put it was, “in tears” over the update. Apparently, it really is that good.