Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Q&A With Italian DJ & Producer Fabio XB


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A music geek from an early age on, it seems that Italian producer Fabio Carrara was destined to end up in the music industry. In 2007, it was Fabio’s ‘Touch The Sun’, remixes by Rank 1 and Duende, that became one of the most played trance tracks in the clubs, on radio shows, top seller on several online portals and a favourite of the DJ elite. ‘Universe Inside’ and ‘Off The World’ both became solid favourites of the crowd. Later on he successfully signed with Armada Music. High time for a Q&A with Hammarica.com!


What made you decide to start with music production?

I started very young (I play the piano since I was born)

You got two new releases out. One on A State Of Trance and the other on Digital Society. Could you tell us a bit more about these records?

What can I say except that I really like both! As everyone knows I love to produce the trance more melodic but also the vocal trance. Out on Semptember 21st my new single “Atom” on Mainstage Compilation vol.1 (Armada)

Both releases come with music videos. Were you involved in the process and do you like the end result?

Yes, my team is also involved in video production. I followed both projects and of course I’m very satisfied even if I would like more and more.

What is the story behind your artist name? Where does it come from?

Fabio is my real name, XB is the logo of my old alias “Alex Bartlett”, hence the idea 🙂

Who is your favorite female DJ and would you ask her out for a date?

My fav female Dj is Claudia Cazacu, good DJ and a very nice girl.

What was the best party this summer?

Undoubtedly the Emission at Florida – BS (Italy)

What is your top 5 prediction for the DJ Mag Top 100?

I’m curious as you. I do not want to say too much or make predictions but of course I’d love to see a trance DJ at no. 1!…

Do you eat fruit and veggies?

Yes. More vegetables than fruit.