Saturday, June 15, 2024

Native Detroiter DJ O-Bey Releases Latest Album ‘Dnamic’

Midwest House and Techno, DJ O-Bey
DJ O-Bey

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DJ O-Bey serves up ‘Dnamic’ which is his third full length album. ‘Dnamic’ is a solo effort born out of a love and devotion to electronic music, mainly the Midwest House and techno scene.  No less than 14 tracks on this album going from the groovier house music of Dig It, to more harder edged material such as the ravey Hard Hat. DJ O-Bey will be dropping a 15th track as an exclusive unreleased NFT which will be available with OpenSea.

A native Detroiter, DJ O-Bey grew up on the west side of town around the corner from Buy Rite Music. DJ O-Bey attributes Buy Right Music with the start of his love of electronic music, as he started to collect vinyls. Initially a hobby, music production started to take over for DJ O-Bey who released his debut album in 2020. His music is produced with an authenticity and genuine love of the genre that comes across in each recording.


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