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Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: Ferry Tayle


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This French producer was born in 1982. His first musical experience was with jazz. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 7. He became interested in electronic music by discovering Jean-Michel Jarre’s first album. After 14 years of jazz music he decided to move into electronic music and became very successful in the global trance scene. Give a warm welcome to FERRY TAYLE!

DJ InterviewsOf course France is known for its big contribution to house music with acts like Daft Punk, Cassius, David Guetta and more. Yet, you are one of the leaders when it comes to the trance scene there. Could you describe it for us? Tell us about the events, DJs and record labels.

The house scene is big in France since the last 15 years. Thanks to the success of Cassius, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar & David Guetta. There are others artists like Vitalic or Air who are really big in their own style but the trance scene never succeeded to find its way, despite the fact the pioneer in Trance & EDM is French: Mr Jean Michel Jarre. It’s always funny to read that I’m the French leader in this scene. They are other artists like Karybde & Scylla, Stonevalley and Static Blue who are working too and who are very good producers.

Actually, the music scene is changing step by step. More trance DJs & producers are coming to play in France in recent years like Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold & Armin van Buuren. The fan base is starting to increase and some new parties are launched in recent months which is cool! I really hope this genre will find the place it deserves in France.


Are you a fan of Armin Van Buuren and do you feel it is deserved that he is the most popular trance DJ around? Or does someone else better deserve that title in your opinion?

I’m a fan of Armin and respect him. I had the chance to meet him at a State Of Trance 550 in Moscow and he is very nice guy. He is a workaholic and deserves to be the world N°1 DJ for the 5th time. He does a lot for the scene even if a lot blame him for the changes. We should all respect him for what he did & still does for us. Without him, I wouldn’t be here in my career. He supports a lot of my tracks and through his show, my name is seen all over the world. In a way, he helped build my career.

You have a background with jazz music. Does that effect your music? Do you think it is easier for you to come up with chord progressions than other fellow DJs?

Yes, I came from the Jazz scene. And it was a big help for me to produce such emotional sounds nowadays because I learnt all these feelings in Jazz. The way you can express yourself is almost the same in Jazz & in Trance.

Which foreign country did you find the most fun to perform at?

Definitely central Europe! Such as Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia because the crowds there were insane! I never saw so many passionate people. I played in these countries extra-long sets (4 hours) and the people were wild from the first moment until the last. Arms in the air, sharing the love for music. Wow, just thinking about it gives me goose bumps again. I never saw that before and it still stays as one of my best mementos. It was also the first time I got asked to autograph boobs! (laugh).

Dance Music BlogIs food important to you and are you a bit of a chef?

I love to cook. When I have time, I cook a lot at home. I like the French & Italian cuisine and learning at the moment about the Japanese cuisine. To be honest, I’m more into the dessert as I’m addicted to chocolate.


If you could entice a house music lover to fall in love with trance, which record would you pick for that? Give a little explanation with it.

‘Rank 1 – Airwave’ because for me it was the revelation to jump into trance. This track has everything : emotion both happy & sad and energy at the same time. I think this track will remain for decades one of the biggest trance track ever written. Also ‘When Things Go Wrong’ or ‘People Just Don’t Care’ by Airwave, which tells a story. You can feel every emotion in each track according to the title. I will soon finish my remix of ‘Metaphorique’ which is almost 13 minutes long and it really tells a full story.

Dance Music MagazineDo you have kids and are they allowed to play with the studio toys?

I’m not a father myself however, I do like kids. It’s hard to manage a family when you travel all the time but I really hope one day I will have my own children. My friends come over with their kids to my studio and I show them what we can do with some synthesizers. It’s really funny sometimes.

Is there one record label out there people should try to avoid?

Well, that’s a hard question. I recommend avoiding a label who do not respect you as an artist. I can’t name a specific one. I keep the blacklist to myself.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

I am called “The Wizard” by a lot of people, that means that the golden rule is to never share the trick. I will keep it to myself as well the person who is my inspiration source. She knows who she is.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for the support over the years, I count on you for the years also to come and I cannot wait to share my 3rd album which is released in early 2013.