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The age of the internet makes collaboration a whole lot easier. International artists Danny Q Parker (Hamburg) and Kula Borelly (Toronto) had longtime plans for a collaboration and finally moved on the idea Spring 2015. Space Between is a success on AtomicSky Recordings. We had a chat with the two of them to talk about the music and their lives as artists.

What gives you the inspiration to make music?
Kula– Sometimes when I least expect it, it comes to me like in a dream. I’m sure many producers have had the similar situation laying in bed at night and a tune just comes to you, that’s when I get my ass out of bed and get behind the desk and start to create. basically, the thought of creating something in my head, then hearing it played back from the monitors is a great deal of inspiration to me. Also hearing the music of the people I look up to helps.

Danny– The people who listen to my music inspire me the most. When they have a great time in club or even with their headphones sitting in the train going to work. Maybe my music might motivate them, or help them feel better, maybe even solve some problems. I think this is what music is about.

Is there any genre of EDM you would never play?
Danny– I would play everything and produce anything too. It just depends on if it works on the dance floor and the feeling is right. Every genre is brilliant.

Kula– It’s not that I wouldn’t play any genre, it’s just that, to be in the right frame of mind and in the mood when performing, I prefer to play the type of music that I’m in to because, the crowd senses that kind of stuff. I play for them and they play off of me. But of course if you’re looking for a particular type, I would have to say that a little Dub goes a long way.

Does your family like dance music?
Kula– Well, I can answer yes, but, it is Serbian dance that they listen to mostly, but, yeah they also listen to some English dance for sure.

Danny– They do. They have their own favorite genre but, support me as much as they can This motivates me as well. They also tell me when something sounds like crap haha.

What defines success for you?
Danny– Success doesn’t mean you sold a lot of tracks or earn a lot of money for me. If it means that your music reaches thousands or millions of people, and even better, a lot of them loved it! maybe I’ll inspire other people too. That’s the best feeling ever, I think.

Kula– I have to agree with Danny on this one, but, being on a stage with thousands of people screaming and jumping around is also a good feeling of success.

What is the longest time you consecutively spent working in the studio on a track?
Kula– Good question. I have never kept track of the hours I spend in the studio, I love doing this stuff so I don’t look at it like a job. so, it’s hard to say. Lets put it this way, long enough that I’ll pass out at the mixer and wonder where I’m at when I wake up!

Danny– It differs of course, but usually a minimum of 40 hours. Even when its “finished” you listen to it again and again to search for the littlest thing that doesn’t fit or is missing.

Do you dance at your performances?
Danny– I went to some clubs to party and it was good but not the greatest vibe, you know? Its because the DJs there weren’t moving at all. I think you need to show the crowd that you love what you’re doing and the music, jump around, put on a good show of course, but show everybody you feel the beat.

Kula– For sure, for sure, I don’t stop moving, If I’m not having a good time how is the crowd feeling? Too many DJs are stuck staring in to their lap top to even notice what the crowd is doing. I hate that!

How do you come up with the names for your tracks?
Kula– Really depends on several things. It’s like, are we building a track around the lyrics or is there a pre determined theme It all depends.

Danny– Its always hard. Sometimes you get it from the lyrics, sometimes you listen to it closely and think of all the different elements of the track and then we can see what fits. I try to use names which pull the emotion out of the track and promotes the idea of dancing. But Like Kula said there’s a lot going on there for it to be
so cut and dry.

Tell us something that really surprised you.
Danny– I am surprised at how many great people I have met just in a few short years through music. I hope I’ll meet more, of course and hope my music reaches more people who love hearing it and maybe just maybe change something in the world with it!

Kula– Well, I think, since I grew up with CDs, technology and the rate that it has changed the game over the years has really surprised me more than anything really.


On “Atomic Sky Recordings” label. It can be purchased through major retailers Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Traxsource, Google play, and many more.

For more information about Danny & Kula, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com