Wednesday, July 24, 2024

You wanna know glitch-hop? Sit down – have some “Toast.”


Big Bug track review


By Kate O’Connell — If you were looking for a flawless representation of “glitch-hop” this track – even more so this artist, would be a good start. Ananda Goldsmith (20) aka (DJ) Golden Toast is an up and coming producer/ DJ from Ashland, Oregon who is putting his name on the map with tracks like “Big Bug”; which are just as completely original as they are completely addicting.

Somehow in “Big Bug” Golden Toast seamlessly finds a way to create a funky-groovy glitch-hop sound with a heavy bass line, infectious loops and a midtempo dance beat.  And while this track displays his technical skill and obvious original and individual sound – he covers all genres of EDM – and he covers them WELL. From mashups, to remixes, to complete originals – from dub -step to eletctro—to reggae and back to the glitch-hop, this kid does it all.

Personally somewhat bias as a huge Golden Toast fan, this song still blows my mind. Every time I play it (which is almost daily) I swear I hear something I didn’t hear the time before. Made in just one day after finding out he was entering in the Ghetto Funk Compition 2012 in Oregon, “Big Bug” takes you on a ride between darker deeper bass to movin-grovin – glitch n brakes and back again – in a way that’s never been done before – at least not that I’ve heard. Not to mention it’s heavy bass line is like honey ; smooth and thick.

Performing with names like Ill Gates and opening for The Crystal Method are just a few highlights on the Golden Toast resume. Look forward to an interview with the mastermind himself, as well as video and pictures from his headlining set from the OneLove festival in Portland on September 14th!

Hope you all love “Big Bug” as much as I do – and hey man, just try a little Toast!   😉

Blastin love & bass – enjoy!!