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Apex Shift’s Newest Song Panther is Out Now and it Bangs

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Apex Shift, born Soheil Roshan is a 29 year old fresh up and coming electronic music artist coming in strong with his absolute most confident laced powerhouse of a song called Panther. While specializing in hard, heavy hitting and just absolutely mind melting dance music songs as well as dubstep he still won’t limit himself to just one sound. He has always experimented with lots of new, unique and awesome sounds that he hand engineers each sound one by one and all from scratch. as well as sometimes records certain sounds he likes and uses them in such cool and unique ways including making even whole basslines out of his own voice in some songs.

He has charted #7 on the Beatport Top 100 charts for Kinetic EP released on July 26th 2014. However as excited as he was to have released his first multi genre EP called Kinetic and the Dubstep single called Solitarium, he was suddenly hit with some severely devastating news that changed his entire life forever. His extremely sick dog MJ, short for Michael Jackson [he had one single cute white paw just like Michael Jacksons single glove that he always wore] MJ was the single best friend in Apex Shift and his entire family’s lives and on March 1st, 2017 MJ was getting an Xray when his heart stopped. This was the single and absolute most devastating news of Apex Shift’s entire lifetime as MJ had always been at his side throughout everything thick and thin.

Hearing of MJs’ passing pained Apex Shift’s heart so much that he took a 3 year break completely from music. He was just planning to release some new music just before MJ passed on to doggy heaven, but life completely stopped for him as he lost his best friend that was always there with Ape no matter what. MJ was Apex Shifts best friend and always still will be and remain, to this day, his little baby panther. So, after the big hiatus and a major battle with depression, he decided one day the time had come and that he has had enough. Slowly, day by day, he practiced rebuilding and regaining his very own mental strength and consciousness before even thinking about starting the music again. He wanted to do it right and once he was finally ready and with mental strength like a block of pure steel, he launched Hydrolyze Entertainment Studios, an all-around “full service” music, film and TV production company in 2021 with their first song release called Panther, of course, by none other than Apex Shift himself.

With his newly found faith in god, himself and life, he decided to make a huge comeback with his new song Panther which is fully dedicated to MJ who was Apex Shift’s entire powerhouse and always gave him so much of the love, energy, confidence, happiness and joy that Apex Shift lost when MJ passed away and he worked endless hard days and tough but very rewarding sleepless nights into perfecting a song that he has literally put his entire heart, soul and complete 100% effort into. He has made sure that after 6 years of silence he brings it back heavy and like an absolute boss with Panthers beautiful, dynamic and rich sounding ultra-powerful bass cannons of a drop that will leave you vaporized of energy spent dancing, rocking out and just in general even listening to it is an exercise; a fun exercise that is of course.

Apex Shift is fully dedicating Panther to, MJ his little panther, warrior, leader, brave hero and forever best friend. He also hopes that by listening to Panther people will have happy vibes, be instantly put into a good mood and just in general made for you the people to be enjoyed. Apex Shift just wants to show that with confidence in yourself, bravery in taking life’s daily challenges that you can seriously and literally overcome any challenge in life and always come out on top. This song is naturally inspiring indirectly to all others who may not have confidence in themselves or feel good about themselves to be confident in themselves and love themselves even most importantly.

Apex Shift wants everyone to know that “the message in Panther is that life will always bring you down and when you’re faced with challenges you must always rise up and way farther above and tackle the problems in life head on instead of coping with drug use or other dangerous ways of coping with emotional loss and stress. always have its ups and downs but life will not always have you and you are a spectacular creation in such a beautiful universe. You should feel free to express yourself however you want, to be comfortable in your own skin, create art, love each other and most importantly love yourself.

After 6 years Apex Shift doesn’t disappoint as Panther has such a seriously fresh and absolutely hard hitting drop that will just absolutely move your body the instant all these seriously powerful and large basslines hit and there is more yet to come soon according to Apex Shift himself and he means and is all business. Panther is a such a beautiful song both in composition quality and production value. Fully dynamic and Apex Shift is literally putting his entire heart out there and for people to feel good, be inspired by Panther to do and to simply all but just create their own art and love themselves. Life is going to be alright, we have each other and together we succeed. Separate we fall.

Apex Shift says himself, “I really absolutely love all of the lovely, very beautiful, fun-loving talented and positivity enriched people that make up my entire fanbase and even new fans that haven’t met me yet just know that I appreciate each and every single one of you all and I wish and hope that you all have a happy, successful and all equally fully enriched lives together with all the best success in the world hidden deeply in store for you. Cheers to Panther and to a successful release on Hydrolyze Entertainment Studios. Thank you all for always being there for me you are all the best fans that I can ever have and that anyone can ever ask for and stay tuned in if you like what you hear with Panther because oh boy do I have some heavy hitters and deeply bangin recipes that I have been heavily cooking up in my musical kitchen/super-ultra secret mad scientist bond villain lab.”

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