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ANTONIO GIACCA currently storms the Beatport charts with his new smash Mokolodi. We wanted to know all the details and what he’s currently up to, so enjoy the interview we had with him!

Your new track Mokolodi is once again a peak time banger with some really nice melody. It goes by the name mokolodi and is inspired by a recent Africa trip. Could you tell us more about your Africa visit and the Mokolodi area?

Yes well I went on a trip to Africa few months ago and went to this resort called Mokolodi where they do one day safaris. As we were on the jeep driving around in the middle of wild life I just started putting a track together in my head, having the idea to do something different using some African inspired sounds and chants… pretty much I was imaging the perfect soundtrack to that drive in the middle of wild life as it was such powerful experience, you just feel so in tune with yourself and what surrounds you it’s very hard to describe but when I got back to the studio I just wanted to create something that I would have played in a club but that I wished was playing in the cassette player of that beaten up jeep in the middle of nature!

Mokolodi has a firm spot in the beatport Progressive house chart as we speak. What else is coming up otherwise production wise?

Lots of stuff coming up… I have 2 remixes for 2 really good tracks/producers, 2 collaborations on styles a little different of my own, and a brand new banger in the making… plus soon out on Big & Dirty there will be a follow up for one of my most successful tracks this year, which was calm down.

Which track from your record collection has an everlasting impact on your crowd?

Definitely “Alumbra”… everywhere I go it still seems to be doing the job and people recognize it everywhere and fellow dj/producers still compliment me about that which is a great feeling… just as I played at the street parade festival in Zurich last month I was approached by somebody who wanted a picture with me just because he loved alumbra so much ahahahah!

Do you know one secret from your DJ homies that they don’t want the world to know, but which is nice to share?

Sooo many secrets, some fun ones, some crazy ones, some really bad ones… which ones do you want?

Dance Music News BlogIt’s time for studio secrets. What’s your favorite software tool you use in the studio and is there any particular way how you use it?

For production I used both Logic and Ableton live, it’s good to be versatile for when you in the studio doing collaborations… hard to say which one my favorite one is as they both have some great features and some so and so, love the way you can manipulate audio with live and I love some of the internal plugins from logic…

In regards to favorite tool, I say that’s gotta be my JBL speakers, not because I think they are the best speakers out there but reason being I know them so well I can really make the most out of it when it comes to production quality… I think that’s most important than any specific tool… I can easily work in any studio with any software and plugins, you can make the most out of anything as long as you know well enough how your speakers sound…

What’s the most bizarre thing a girl ever did on your dance floor?

Well once in a gig in London a girl from the crowd pulled me out of the booth and pushed me into the ladies bathroom which was not far from there… needless to say the record playing ended and had to rush back with my pants down haha!

How did you enjoy the summer?

Summer was great, been touring Europe, did a lot of small vacations with friends and family in between and did a lot of studio time back in Los Angeles and produced three new tracks which are coming out soon…

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Well I guess thank you so much for always supporting my music, it’s such a great feeling to see people enjoying what you love doing! If you wanna hear my new stuff and download some free exclusive promos, check my weekly radio show where we also have lots of big djs interviews and guest mixes alongside my partner in crime clint maximums who’s really an amazing radio host… it’s called the edge and its aired on 60 stations worldwide as well as on itunes, full details at www.Theedge.Fm

GET IT ON BEATPORT: http://smarturl.it/mokopress

For more information about Antonio Giacca, contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com